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Distilled 2

Distilled is Ireland’s largest indigenous media company. Marrying the three iconic brands of, and, Distilled delivers the largest selection of properties, motors and marketplace listings available in Ireland. Every day over 2 million people visit our websites and use our apps.

Our current and future success depends on two things; attracting the best people, and allowing them the space and autonomy to bring innovative and creative business ideas. We are proud to have a consistent track record of success with both. Our philosophy is built on keeping an open mind, challenging ourselves and the status quo. The goal is to craft the future of our industry. An extraordinary idea – a sudden breakthrough – can come from any Distilled employee.

The things we value are at the core of how we work; they give us a framework for daily decision-making, they are what make us an extraordinary place to work and they are the embodiment of how we as a company and individually behave. Our values are:

- We have a blackbelt mindset,
- We like to simplify things,
- We make things happen,
- We collaborate across teams, business units and brands and
- We are passionate about what we do


As we grow, we are looking for people with a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and strive to establish a team with dynamic strengths from all walks of life. Diversity and Inclusion is a business priority, it makes us better at what we do, richer in every sense of the word and it makes Distilled an extraordinary place to work. One of the streams of our diversity strategy is to attract more women into our Engineering function, and one of the ways to do this is introduce you to some of the talented women who are in roles that are paramount to the success of our business in Distilled.

We want you to see us as a company you can grow your career in, surrounded by the best and brightest!

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